The Royal Cornwall Show 2009
No camera for 2010.
This streaming video solution provided by:
Sponsored by:
Davey Electrical Services Ltd
Vincent Tractors
Can't see the image?

If the camera was working but now is showing nothing, please refresh the page.

We recommend using Internet Explorer 7 on Windows for the best browser based experience. However you can connect to the stream directly using VLC (for Linux or Mac) on mmsh://

You could also try the Windows Media Player Firefox plugin, or for Mac users Flip4Mac.

What is this?

This camera is mounted high above the showground on a lift provided by Davey Electrical services and connected to the internet via a connection provided by Kernow Broadband. It's capable of full 360 degree rotation, tilt and zoom, all controllable remotely. If you're heading to the show, look out for us!

Can I control it?

Due to high demand, we cannot allow individuals to control where the camera points. However, the camera will rotate over 13 of the most interesting preset positions.

What about the quality?

The picture quality and the framerate are limited by the speed of the internet connection at the showground. There is always a trade-off between the speed at which the picture updates and the quality of the picture. We aimed for the highest possible framerate without distorting the image too much. The camera is capable of much higher resolution images but unfortunately the internet connection is just not quick enough to broadcast them in real time.
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